Happy 40th National Day UAE that I love oh so much! 40 years…the more I thought about National Day the more I obsessed with the “how can I possible beat the traffic” issue. I love the madness and the super over branded UAE cars but people tend to go a bit over the top sometimes and last year I saw way too many car accidents so this year since it was the big 4-0 I wanted to try and remain safe. Went to Abu Dhabi yesterday and everyone seemed so excited. The whole night they honked on the streets and I woke up to helicopters cruising the city with huge UAE flags. Drove back to Dubai and tried going to JBR (very smart…). 1 hour after queuing in the madness, I finally made it to XL in Grand Habtoor. Loads of fun and craziness UAE style. Check out some cool pix and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!