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I’ve been noticing that the CH Carolina Herrera Matryoshka bags are getting a lot of special attention recently! Most fashionistas have already gotten their hands on a different color or size of Matryoshka. Just recently, Jessica Simpson and Kate Moss have been spotten carrying their favortie Matryoshka bags. I passed by CH Carolina Herrera in Mall of the Emirates a couple of days ago and saw their Matryoshka collection. I love it. I need it. I’m getting it! The best part is, since there are so many different colors and sizes, you are less likely to be spotted at an event with the same bag as the girl on your left (hate that)

Their multicolored palette is inspired by the watercolors and gouache that were originally used to paint the Matryoshkas: from white to mauve with a whole spectrum of metallic tones in between, crowned by essential royal blue to create a perfect kaleidoscope with infinite variations.