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I’ve already posted about Sogol Zabihi before because I’m a big fan of her line but I thought i’d do a bit more digging to know more about this intriguing Dubai-based designer. American born Iranian, Sogol Zabihi is the founder behind JEWELS, a jewellery and accessories brand at the forefront of the new generation of fashion and design in the Middle East.

“In the Middle East jewellery is either very expensive or the opposite; there was nothing in the middle”. As a result, her love for jewellery sparked, uniting her more creative side with her entrepreneurial background. “I started to realize how passionate I was about jewellery and so I began focusing on my own line; a brand for a younger generation, for every kind of girl. People like me.”

The hallmark of each collection is the unique fusion of cutting-edge, contemporary designs with traditional Middle Eastern influences. Examples of this heritage can be seen with pieces such as the Fatima Hand Coin Earrings or the Arabic Letter Coin Bracelet.

JEWELS has become known as one of the first and only faux bijoux brands in the Middle East with every collection consisting of a combination of finely faceted, Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia crystallized statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that are enhanced by the elegance of a gold plated exterior and multi- colored enameled stones.

I really like what Sogol Zabihi did with her line and find it retro, trendy and chic all at once. I’m especially a big fan of her earrings. It’s nice to have a Dubai-based brand focusing on the younger fashionistas without jeopardizing its quality. Love it!