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I recently tried out the new Bourjois Healthy Mix Balance powder and concealer and really recommend it for girls who like to have great coverage without having an inch of makeup on their faces. I really don’t like oily or thick foundations because I feel like its clogging up my pores and damaging my skin. I love how light the powder is while also covering all my little imperfections. The powder is made with Asian fruit ingredients for a radiant complexion and balanced skin. With its Asian fruit therapy, the powder has an anti-shine effect and offers the skin the combined benefits of moisturising sharon fruit and the astringen,yet balancing yuzu.

Thanks to its expert brush applicator and covering, melting and subtle texture,Touche Healthy Mix concealer eliminates dark circles, redness and imperfections without adding thickness. My favorite part of this collection is the smell of the products…they smell light and fruity! Theres nothing worse than a face cream, foundation or powder that smells bad!!