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Beauty trends are just as important as fashion trends to me. Whether you’re wearing a plain white tee and denims or a killer outfit, makeup can either compliment the outfit, kill the outfit or straight up make the outfit.

Sporty & Simple
This sporty and simple look is perfect this year for you girls who don’t like to over
dramatise your look with makeup. Just some simple pink blush and nude lipstick
would do the trick!

Pinky & Dramatic
This is usually for the more confident fashionistas! Bright lipstick colors
like fuchsia, mandarine and purple are so in this year. Make sure to keep
your eyes nude though…the attention should stay on the lips. In my opinion
this look is best when wearing a simple outfit.

Golden Diva
For the festive season, this is your perfect look. The messy black liner with
loose shadow powder (any color will do depending on the outfit). I believe
that if you want to go dramatic with the makeup (again, pick either eyes or
lips), do it RIGHT!

Fearless Fashionista
OK…now this look is no joke! Back with the fuchia lips – and i love it!!
The eyes not so much especially with the dramatic lips but I love how this
season is including different bright colors put together for the eyes. This
is perfect for you fearless fashionistas.

For the record, my pick is the pinky & dramatic!