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Luxury fashion house Chanel have introduced a rather sleek and classy collection of accessories and sporting goods. For the aspiring gent, there is the French Cane, embossed with Chanel’s instantly recognizable logo and encased in a quilted black sheath. In stark contrast to this is the tennis racket and ball set which also comes with a quilted canvas case. Despite its functionality, it appears that Chanel may have directed this as an accessory and a collectible rather than a fully intended sporting apparatus. Whether you choose to play on the courts with them or not, there’s no mistaking the classy black on white appearance of the heavily branded details.

I actually think that this collection is really cool but is it too much? For the record, Chanel is by far my favorite luxury brand…probably followed by McQueen but I think that owning a Chanel tennis ball is a bit tacky – what ever happened to chic and understated? Regardless of how beautiful the collection is – its just too much. Maybe you disagree? I mean REALLY? A branded tennis ball? hmm..