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Over the months I have blogged a lot about the newest makeup in the market and as you may have noticed by now, I’m obsessed with mascaras. I think that mascara is the most important thing in your makeup bag. Finding the perfect mascara is kind of like finding the perfect pair of jeans, its difficult and it depends on the girl. For me, my two all time favorite mascaras are both by Bourjois – the rotating fast & perfect mascara and the volume glamour max definition mascara (posted about both already). My girlfriends are often asking me how to get the perfect day and evening look so I thought that instead of talking about it, I’d track down the perfect tutorial. Check out the first video for eyeshadow and the second video for mascara. I decided to add the mascara video because I dont want to recommend a product I have never tried before and I dont know the mascara they used in the eyeshadow tutorial. So for eyes, its the Bourjois iconic little round pots and for the second video its the Bourjois rotating fast & perfect mascara. Check it out and enjoy: