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What man are you? I believe that many small things can determine what type of person you are. For women, I usually look at nails and accessories. With men its more simple than that, perfumes play a huge role in what type of man they are. So, are you a Guess or Calvin Klein man?

Guess Seductive perfume is the first men’s fragrance in the seductive collection. The fragrance contains woody, aromatic and fougere notes. It is intended for seductive, charming, charismatic and magnetic men.

Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria is sweeter and more intensive, less aromatic but significantly more oriental. The notes are myrrh, spices, ambergris, vetiver, labdanum and agar wood. This fragrance is intended for the busy “guy’s guy” on the run cruising the streets at night. This is for the mysterious man that everyone knows and no one understands.

So, which man are you?

Both perfumes are available in FACES Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.