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UNE Natural Beauty has launched the new Intuitive Touch BB Cream Concealer this March in Vavavoom, Beauty Bay and Debenhams. I’m a big fan of bb creams to begin with so when iI heard that UNE came out with a bb concealer, I had to try it out. This concealer has 7 in 1 benefits:

Corrects dark circles perfectly
2. Smooth fine lines
3. Brightens the eyes
4. Revives and refreshes
5. Moisturizes for 8 hours and nourishes
6. Preserves eye youth
7. Is good for your skin…and the planet

Just to clarify my 7th point, this product’s ingredients are made from 100% natural origin, 10% of the ingredients are from organic farming. This product is also a certified Ecocert Organic formula. I love that about UNE, its great products and 100% natural!!!!! The concealer is really great, I’ve been wearing it for weeks and is definitely one of the best concealers I’ve ever used!