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The Cheerleader is wise and dreamy with a sense of humor to match her elegance. She takes her style cues from preppy collegiate codes mixed with vintage looks and some calculated ‘steals’ from her boyfriend’s closet. She wears timeless pieces from the brand revisited: the chino is embroidered flying birds, the oxford striped shirt is boyfriend cut with a small girly collar. The Western-cut chambray shirt becomes romantic with a baby doll collar. The cricket sweater is worn really tiny and wide. The skirt is light and has college stripes. The T-shirts are a bit loose with pencil drawings of girls dressed in head-to-toe LACOSTE L!VE looks. LACOSTE L!VE twists the brand codes to spice things up. The polo gets a leopard collar, and the polo dress an all over leopard print. The T-shirts braids are leopard print too, reminding us that this print is just as timeless as tartan.

The LACOSTE L!VE Roller Girl is sexy, girly, pop and light. Imagine The Cheerleader on holiday in California; she puts on her skates and discovers the promise of a carefree yummy summer filled with chemical colors. The shoulder and the legs gets bared, the silhouettes are slender. The shorts are micro and the skirts very mini, worn with check boyfriend shirt or a boyish cardigan. The vintage windbreaker is cropped. The pleated tennis skirt is ultra-vintage and ultra-short in white. The brand’s timeless pieces are rethought in mint green, mermaid blue and gummy pink. The lighter white pops in piping on the shorts and the fleece dress for a sporty and sexy allure. The crocodile logo is contrast-colored on colorful polos.

It’s kind of nice to see a cooler and younger Lacoste collection! Question is, which girl are you?