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Sally Hansen has launched some awesome new beauty props to better all of us. They’re really great at perfecting things that people usually already have, but that need a little something extra. I recently tried their eyelash curler and its so great. This is probably the third time in my life that I try an eyelash curcler because when I was young, my friend curled her lashes and they came OFF! It was horrible…basically the coating on the curcler was old and when she pressed hard it completely cut her lashes off. Anyways, enough about me and my fears, this one is amazing (and its only AED 23.50)

Another thing I really like from them is their Clip-n-Catch Control Grip Nail Clipper with Catcher. There’s nothing more annoying than cutting your nails and having nasty nails all over the floor, couch, bed or wherever you choose to cut them. I also find it irritating to have to clip my nails above a sink or bath so this clipper changed everything!! Basically, you cut your nails and the nail falls into the plastic catcher! Really revolutionary and only for AED 23.75. Need I say more?