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I AM IN LOVE! It’s official…spread the word. I had the chance to discover the best cakes in Dubai and I can’t stop talking about them! From the most exquisite wedding cakes to tailor-made cakes, Sibille is taking Dubai by storm. Not only do they taste amazing but they are so beautiful that some people don’t even have the heart to eat them (I think they’re gorgeous but nothing can stop me from sinking my teeth into that stuff). She has done some gorgeous cakes for corporate events and birthdays for Dubai’s hottest VIP’s and socialistias. If it’s your birthday and your friends don’t get you an Iconycs cake, they DONT really love you!!! haha ok no i’m pushing it but still I can’t stress how beautiful and tasty these babies are. Check out her website www.iconycs.com/ and get her contact, you can order them from her and give her ANY style you want (this woman can do anything…she’s like the superwoman baker of the UAE). I decided to collect some cake images of fashion inspired cakes she has done in the past to show you guys that i’m not all talk 🙂 Oh and one more thing before I finish, don’t think that if you’re not rolling in cash that you can’t afford these cakes, she can make cakes according to your budget and style so its ALWAYS worth going to Iconycs cake.

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