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The story of Guerlain and powders is a long and beautiful true love story that began in the 19th century with the creation of loose powders called “Ladies in all climates”, “Touche aux fleurs”, “Pulvis Alba”, “Poudre Superdulci”, “Poudre aux ballons” and “Poudre c’est Moi”. They then became “Voilettes”; at that time, powders were solely in the form of loose powder. The early 20th century would see the creation of compact powders, which were easier to use and above all carry. In the twenties, the so-called pocket compact was a must-have feminine accessory.

These products include:

00 Blanc de Perle: a sublime white symphony with three accords subtly set off with the iridescent radiance of pearls. Rosy white revives the freshness of the complexion, bluish white corrects its yellow component
and matt white leaves a translucent luminous veil on the face.
01 Harmonie Teint Rosé: a precious alchemy of green, mauve and pink, gold
and champagne shades, to gently reveal the radiance of fair skin and correct redness.
02 Harmonie Teint Beige: a monochrome palette of pastels, white, apricot shades
and white gold to subtly add a warm glow and revive the radiance of the complexion.
• 03 Harmonie Teint Doré: a subtle composition of blue, mauve and shades of beige, white gold and pearly apricot to discreetly add luminosity, enhance and recreate the radiance of the complexion.

Beauty Tips by Guerlain

Begin by applying the perfecting primer to entire face, working outwards from the centre.
Mix a small amount of the Météorites primer with your usual liquid foundation for an even more luminous, more translucent complexion.
Using a brush, apply the Météorites Perles powder to entire face with circular movements, focusing on the curves of the face, to catch the light. To enhance the illuminating effect, remember to apply Météorites Perles all over the décolleté too.