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The mission of the “A City, A Fragrance” collection is to capture the soul, atmosphere and identity of an inspiring city. Throughout its history, Guerlain has always been alert to the lure of far-off and exotic worlds.

Only available from Guerlain Boutiques, these collections showcase the fragrance House’s bold creativity and expertise. This intimate way of traveling without leaving home, of exploring the world for new and exciting olfactory sensations, takes the senses on a unique kind of journey. Every trip is an invitation to discover new destinations through the power of an expressive blend of notes that conjures up the singular magic of a place.

Thierry Wasser has avoided oriental clichés in the creation of this new journey, putting us off the scent to ensure that the fragrance isn’t too obvious or predictable. The initial impression is of a sweet freshness, perfectly reflected by an almond accord, more gourmet than gourmand, combined with a hint of aniseed. This unexpected pairing, like a gentle caress, soft as the morning breeze in summer, slowly sneaks up on you.

Gradually, it plunges deeper into a more radiant heart: a blend of creamy, powdery and floral notes. Sweet, sun-drenched flowers, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and jasmine combine to create an exquisitely full-bodied scent that conjures up an abstract bouquet with hints of iris and delicately sophisticated mimosa.

The bottle has straight lines and understated design as reminiscence of a modern building. On the back, Serge Mansau has done a line drawing representing the city’s most emblematic site – the famous Pearl Tower. The front of the bottle features the number that corresponds to each journey: 05 for Shanghai. An artistic allusion to each destination in a collection that invites us to discover the world.