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DARE TO TAN. Lancaster announces the return of the pleasure of tanning. Thanks to its exclusive Infrared Technology innovation incorporated in a range of suncare products totally reformulated, it helps Lancaster give the most complete protection. For this new campaign, a strong message reinforces its status as solar expert and master of glamour. Lancaster shows a radiant, sensual, confident, fulfilled woman. On the borderline between cheekiness and boldness, at last she dares to tan! A beauty ambassador, she embodies the “beautiful” and the “good” tan. Her golden tan and obviously moisturised amber skin reconcile women with the idea of the sun as their vital and beauty ally.

This is my favorite thing when i’m tanning because its a tinted tan deepener with 6 SPF (fine, its low but still better than no SPF) and your skin looks so yummy (and smells amazing too). It gives you a gorgeous brown tan after, nothing better in the market right now for us tanners. One tip, be careful with your clothes, wearing white is not recommended.