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Another icon, the collector’s palette by Guerlain draws its inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals. This ingeniously designed palette combines sophisticated make-up essentials to set off the expression of the lips and eyes to perfection. Two fatal shades for the lips, carmine and blue-toned red, and three eyeshadows with an iridescent powder texture that plays on every tone of gold – bronze, copper and white. A matte black powder liner that can be used wet or dry is the ultimate accessory for an unforgettable gaze.

Directions for use
A detailed insert allows you to effortlessly create two fascinating make-up effects. A
calligraphy look – illustrated in the visual – in which the eyelid shimmers in three shades
of gold, further highlighting an elongated sweep of eyeliner. An even more enigmatic arty
look in which the upper eyelid is set off in copper, illuminated with a touch of bronze in the
inner corner, then boldly sculpted with a double sweep of eyeliner along the lashes and
in the crease.