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This afternoon, I was invited by Detox Delight to Gallery Gourmet at Gallery Lafayette, the Dubai Mall to learn about Detox Delight and the amazing things that they offer. I always wanted to do a detox and there are SO many ways to do it but I always think that it’s not healthy or that I would need to starve myself (and for those of you who know me, you know that its a big no-no in my book). I was really interested in seeing their process and the premium menu that they put together to have a perfectly healthy and well balanced detox. They suggested to engage in a 3-5 day detox routine where you are provided with 6 liquid detox meals. Detox Delight offers detox treatments based on vegan menus or juice cleanse programmes that help the body to release toxins, environmental pollutants and waste products. Want to know the best part? They DELIVER!!!! This is perfect for the hands on working women out there who don’t have time to cook and are sick of food deliveries. Go on your detox diet now and start at the comfort of your office.

IMG_0230We were lucky enough to try them all but my favorite one was the Green Detox which includes green apple, fennel, spinach, cucumber, lime and mint. The Pink Detox is quite nice too which has apple, pear, orange, beetroot and ginger!


The lovely co-owners of Detox Delight Nicole Junghaenel, left, and Claudia Odermatt

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