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Deliciously fresh and silky-smooth, Guerlain‘s Blanc de Perle Refreshing Hydrating cream delivers long-lasting hydration, day after day, intensely nurtures the skin and reduces pigmentation marks. Soothed, refreshed and plumped, the skin lights up with a pure radiance. I tried it on myself to check out the texture last night and absolutely loved it. One of the most important things to me when it comes to creams is that they dont make my face sticky. Some creams are so thick that it makes a stickly/oily film on your face (big no, no especially when you want to slee). I tried on the cream and after around 10 seconds I touched my face and it felt like I hadn’t put anything on, it was smooth and smelt amazing but the cream was so thin that it left no hints. I love this cream!!! Also, look how adorable the packaging is! Guerlain always has cool creams, click here for more!