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For this haute couture version of his signature fragrance, “oud was the obvious choice”, says Louise Turner, perfumer at Givaudan, who authored both scents. “Roberto Cavalli’s style is all about luxury, rich textures and high-quality materials. It is for people who are not afraid to be noticed. It is also what the scent of oud is about.”

In Arabic perfumery, oud has long been considered the “gold standard” – indeed, its best qualities can fetch higher prices than the precious metal. For Western perfumers, this complex, powerful Middle-eastern note is a thrilling new territory to explore. And an inspiration to reinvent the most aristocratic of fragrance families: leather.


To showcase this precious elixir, Oud Edition is offered in a radiant velvet-lined golden coffret housing a softly curved gold bottle crowned with a tiara in the shape of the designer’s logo. The tiger-print collar reprises the emblematic animal pattern featured in the Roberto Cavalli signature fragrance.

Oud. Leather. Gold. The essence of luxury. The quintessence of Roberto Cavalli. I must say that this is a quite attractive scent, even though I am not a huge fan of Oud. The fragrance settles in the skin perfectly and keeps you smelling great for hours.