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No, this isn’t a typo. There has been so much hype recently around the BB Creams coming out left right and center from every brand, but I can top that with the new Bourjois BB Gloss. How cool is that? With its care formula and specially selected pigments to enhance all colourings, this BB Gloss protects the lips while creating an instant healthy complexion effect!

5 beauty & care actions:

Healthy glow effect: With its complexion illuminating pigments, BB GLOSS enhances the radiance of Bourjois BB CREAM foundation!
Protection: With its rose wax content, the lips are protected from external factors.
Hydration: Sweet almond oil durably moisturises and softens the lips.
Smoothing: Apricot butter intensely nourishes and smoothes lines on the lips.
Crystal shine: Microcrystalline waxes in the formula offer intense shine for a luscious smile!


This awesome gloss comes in two shades, a pinkish and orangish color to suit 2 different skintypes (how smart is that?):

Pale skin: concentrated blue-pink pigments produce ultra-shine and a subtly coloured result. While remaining natural, this pink, specially designed for pale skin, boosts the complexion.
Olive skin: a cocktail of orange-pink pigments wakes up olive complexions with its ultra-glossy and subtly coloured finish.

Go grab one before stocks run out in Faces, Boots and Lifestyle stores across the region for only AED 63.