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The pearl, secret of Guerlain’s signature aura since the 1830s… The pearl is a miracle of purity and radiance, the embodiment of total perfection. For centuries, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of the pearl – its unique iridescence, its shimmering vibrancy and its matchless aura. As an alchemist of nature, Guerlain was truly inspired by this fascinating enigma.

I recently tried 4 of their products to test and see what all the fuss is about. Of course I cant tell you from a tried and tested that I got results but what I can say is that the creams all smelled amazing and the texture was very rich yet light on my skin – its like a second skin. I keep 1 in my bag at all times now for instant hydration and protection from the sun. This collection is a definite must-try.

Check out the products I have tried:


The rest of this beautiful range: