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When it comes to skin, I believe that you get what you give. If you take care of your nutrition, drink lots of water and have the correct skincare products, you will have fabulous skin. It’s not a big secret that if you dont take care of yourself, it will show…and most of the time, on your FACE.

A lot of you have been dropping private messages on the facebook group asking me about good face treatments and ways to beat acne. Well there is no right answer for acne…except for eat well, drink plenty, cleanse your skin and use the correct skincare.

Full of promise by Philosophy is a good option for this. Introducing an innovative method to help awaken your skin’s natural relitalizing system that supports natural collagen and elastin (and help restore the appearance of volume and life). This is a great treatment to restore appearance of full, firm and lifted skin.

Step 1: treat

This amazing AM/PM serum helps rejuvenate and restore skin by following its natural rhythms. I tried both the AM and PM serum and I loved it. The best part is that they are both in the same tube so it’s a cool must have for travelling.

The night one is more yellowish as a serum and is SUPER soft. I’ve never tried a serum this soft, its actual quite insane. The day one is a white serum and is a bit more oily. Once you put the moisturizer on top though it feels amazing.


Step 2: Moisturize

Once you put the serum, you can put this dual-action restoring cream for volume and life. This cream is really amazing (I would pick it over their other cream, hope in a jar) as it reawakens the skin’s natural recycling system to help restore volume and lift. I like this cream because the texture is very rich and thick. It also smells great.


My recommendation is PHILOSOPHY.