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The white shirt by CH Carolina Herrera has evolved throughout history, undergoing countless transformations and reinventing itself to become a basic but essential icon. It is a key garment which can be perfectly combined with any outfit.Carolina Herrera is a loyal ambassador of the white shirt and has made it a must have piece in many of her collections, since she began in 1981. In fact, it has become a symbol of her personal style, and has become an iconic element of the fashion house.


Since she began in 1981, she has constantly featured white shirts in her collections, adapting them and updating them every season, and demonstrating their great versatility.


In the designers own words: “They have always been part of my life. They make me feel secure. When I don’t know what to wear, I choose a white shirt. I love them and find them fascinating; and they can be worn in many different ways”.

“You can wear them with or without jewelry, with jeans or with a long or short skirt. It can be worn for special occasions or even for work”.


Always made from exquisite cotton, Carolina Herrera has elevated the white shirt, giving it an added value within her collections and promoting it as an inseparable ally. Eight shirts and eight patterns cut from the same cloth. The Crisp White Cotton line carries the personal and unmistakable stamp of Carolina Herrera. An initial collection that will be completed each season with a new and unique model, making each piece into an object of desire and a collector’s item for any Carolina Herrera customer.