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Everyone is lining up outside the cinemas here to watch OZ The Great and Powerful – I went last week and I loved it. It was a cool twist of the original and it was fun seeing a male Dorothy.

Urban Decay (the genius brand behind naked palette) has launched 2 new palettes, the THEODORA (played by Mila Kunis) and the GLINDA (played as Michelle Williams).

The theodora palette (evil witch of the west) is obviously more evil, dark and edgy so you would get great browns, colds and greens. I’m loving the color names too “Broken” “Beware” “Bewitch” “West” “Spell” “Jealous”.

The glinda palette is more graceful and angelic with beautiful lights and pinks called “Tornado” “Aura” “Magic” “Illusion” “Oz” “South”.


I would suggest for darker girls with tanned skin, brown hair etc the THEODORA and for the more pale blondes the GLINDA palette.

The great thing about buying those palettes is that they come with 6 colors, 1 eyeliner and one GREAT super-saturated high gloss lip color. In the palette you will also find a slip with tips on how to achieve the look.

Glinda Look


1. Apply AURA along browbone
2. Brush ILLUSION from the crease upward, blending into AURA
3. Put SOUTH on upper lid, blending it into and slightly out of the crease
4. Trace AURA at the inner corners and along the inner and outer 1/3 of the lower lashline
5. Line eyeswith purple eyeliner (provided for you in the kit)
6. Apply TORNADO at the outer corner of the upper and lower lid
7. Smudge MAGIC all along the lower lashline, fusing it with the AURA and TORNADO shades

For the lip, line and fill with the super-saturated lip color they provide you with.

Theodora Look



1. Apply BROKEN along brownbone and at the center of the eyelid
2. Brush BEWARE into the crease, blending into BROKEN and extending the color up and outward
3. Lightly apply WEST on the upper lid, intensifying it at the outer corner and blending into BROKEN
4. Put BEWITCH at the outer corners and tightly along the upper lashline
5. Trace BEWITCH underneath lower lashline
6. Line upper lashline with black eyeliner; flare it slightly at the outer corner
7. Smudge BEWARE along the lower lashline blending it into BEWITCH

*Go buy your THEORODA or GLINDA palettes exclusively from Sephora while stocks last.