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Pioneer of hip hop theater, fabel is co-founder of ghettoriginal productions, inc. with ghettoriginal, fabel co-authored, co-directed, and co-choreographed the first two hip hop musicals ever, “so! what happens now?” and “jam on the groove” (first official off-broadway hip hop musical) to name just a few of his accomplishments. One of his most recent milestones was designing the new ck one shock street edition bottle for him and coming to Dubai to promote it.






On March 27th, Fabel joined the biggest members of the press to introduce the new fragrance in popmaster style. During this event, we learned about the rich history of graffiti and were then put to the test where we had to be graffiti artists ourselves. Overall a hilarious and super creative event. Read more about Fabel or ck one shock street edition here and here.