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A couple weeks ago I went to the Faces store in Mall of the Emirates for a pampering session and was really worried at first because I had pampering sessions in other stores and was quite unhappy with the results (breaking out from products used, uncomfortable pampering areas etc).


I was really happy with the experience – basically anyone can do it, just go to Faces and fill in a form and you will be scheduled for a pampering session where the beauty expert will give you amazing advise on what kind of products you should be using for your skin, the beauty regime you should follow, your skin type etc.


The place is beautiful and really relaxing; I honestly forgot I was in the mall for a while and nearly fell asleep (thankfully I didnt because that would have been quite embarassing). She started off by putting what looked like a big magnifying glass on my face (no pressure) to get a closer look at my ‘imperfections’. She then told me what type of skin I have (oily t-bone was my verdict) and did a treatment using products available in the advanced beauty section of their store.


Check out some of my favorite products, and my ultimate favorite which is the Dr. Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Masc.