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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess… How many such stories and Prince Charmings have fired our imagination since childhood?
With Enchanted, Chopard in its turn wrote the first lines of a wonderful tale. Today, it is in the form of an elixir that the jeweller and perfumer is offering us the second chapter: Golden Absolute, a magical and heady bouquet of white flowers combined with fine woody notes… A precious fragrance and a jewel worn next to the skin, Enchanted Golden Absolute distils its magic power with every step, creating the allure of a woman with a magnetic attraction. She was mysterious with Enchanted, and now Golden Absolute gives her an aura that makes her sensual, captivating trail she leaves behind her, simply impossible to forget… Refined and voluptuous, this irresistible potion fascinates, intrigues and beguiles whoever becomes ensnared…
Created by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Jean-Christophe Hérault, this powerful elixir opens with the immaculate, yet intoxicating whiteness of jasmine, the symbolic flower of love and sensuality. An already addictive prelude to the smooth, tempting and succulent note of a plum we long to bite into, like a forbidden fruit… Utterly hypnotic notes of ylang then burst forth, leading on to the intensity of patchouli and finesse of Gaiac wood, high point of this woody floriental, and final note to the enchantment.
In the continuity of the first opus Enchanted, Golden Absolute brings a new intensity to the fragrance with warmer notes and a deeper, woodier dry-down. In a precious box, like a case housing a small treasure, nestles the bottle in sensual lines, sprayed in gold powder with a pearly finish, reminiscent of the most exquisite piece of jewellery… With its cap, ringed in gold and subtly inscribed with the brand name, Enchanted features Chopard’s gracious and ethereal signature: a ring in which the trio of iconic Happy Diamonds dances.
All of these elements echo Chopard’s glamorous world of jewellery and contribute to the fragrant magic of Enchanted Golden Absolute, the ideal perfume to open the way to an enchanted interlude…