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Davidoff has recently launched a new perfume called The Game. Check out the interview with perfumer Rianne Ten Karen who talks about the inspiration of the fragrance. I tried the perfume recently and its so yummy. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I can describe the man I picture wearing it – YUMMY!
Davidoff_The Game (3)
What does the Davidoff brand represent for you?
The Davidoff brand represents elegance and confident people. It is very masculine and at the same time sophisticated.

What is your relationship to fragrance in general?
To me fragrance is very important. The first time you meet someone, the perfume they wear says a lot about them and their personality. Either you can be attracted to it or you’re not.

Tell us about the shooting and do you have any anecdotes you want to share with us?
I’m so happy to be part of this advertising. The house where we are shooting is on Mulholland Drive, it is a very iconic place with a beautiful view of Los Angeles. There are windows everywhere so you never know if you’re inside or outside which is really intrigant.

How was it working with Joshua Kloss?
For me, Joshua represents very well the Davidoff man because he is very confident, masculine and strong. Working together was a lot of fun, we really hit it off from the beginning and I think we can see this chemistry in the advertising.

How was it working with Jonas Akerlund?
Working with Jonas Akerlund was a great experience. He and all his team are so professional and precise. Jonas is a very creative person; he gives very good directions of what he wants so it is really easy and fun working with him.
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Go grab a bottle for your man at any major beauty outlet for AED 325 (100 ML)