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Last week I had the privilege of being invited to the Edmod fashion show at Wafi City Center to check out the creations of their designers. I’ve been to a lot of shows in the past and really enjoy it because you get to see the clothes before all of that Photoshop and light fixing they do in pictures before putting it in magazines, also get the opportunity to see how it moves. It was a bit unfortunate that the show started over an hour late because by the time it did start I was half asleep but I managed to take some pictures with my opinions on the day. First of all, I really liked the way the show happened with the models coming out from different ends of the runway, but didn’t like that they didn’t walk all the way through. If you aren’t pin point in the middle, you can’t see the model coming from the opposite end which is so sad because I had seen some nice pieces.

Let’s start on a positive note, my favorite outfit from the year 1 students was the below. It was really impressive that a 1st year student pulled off a dress like this, hat’s off to the designer for sure!! I wish the shoulders weren’t so boxey…or maybe a bit less but other than that priceless. The color of the dress also looks great on the model’s skin and the model’s makeup looks perfect for the look.
best year one

A look I didnt really like from the 1st year students was the below. Ironically, I think it’s from the same designer because it’s the same makeup but really I was not impressed. Lets start with the model, I dont think she was the right fit at all for this look. When you want a fun, tight and short dress like this, you need a fun and petite model. Also, the makeup didn’t suit this model at all. I’m not sure if she was a professional model or one of the students, but it just didnt work. For the clothes, it felt very “1st year”. I know that technically it is a 1st year look, but it didnt reach the standards of the rest. A point that I really can’t let go of is that for every step she took, I saw her underwear.

For the 2nd year students, I really liked the idea of the below look but less the execution. The overlapping straps was a really cool and edgy idea and the model looked great in it. In my opinion, the dress would have looked a bit better if the dangling straps had been cut thinner because it looked a bit too bulky. Also, the second she gave me her back I frowned because it looked like the designer didnt finish. The work in the front was quite good (minus the different sized gaps) but the back looked like the designer just glued the straps and called it a day.
nice vision but needs more

My favorite look for the 2nd year was the below coat/dress. I think I might be a tiny bit biased because I love this model (Alexandra) and have worked with her a couple of times in the past. What a lot of designers don’t understand is that the model is a huge part of the show. If you do not cast your models well, your look wont be complete. The color of the outfit was great and it flowed so well. Really I couldn’t believe this look was made by a 2nd year student – PROPS PROPS PROPS. If I had one small comment, it would be that the dangling sleeve is not necessary (actually, it would be better if it was removed). Other than that, it was a really good way to close the show for me.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, the show started an hour late and on top of that, it was in Wafi at 7 PM which is smack down in the middle of rush hour so I spent more time getting to the show or waiting for it to start than the show itself. Once the 2nd year students had finished, I wanted to leave. I do regret not staying to see the 4th year students because i’m sure I would have fallen off my chair from the creativity, but hopefully in the future I can meet them again.

Congratulations to the graduating year, wishing you all the most stylish career you could imagine. 1st and 2nd year, I got my eyes on you so looking forward to seeing your looks in the near future :).