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I am and always have been obsessed with nailpolish and over the years, I have gotten more and more picky. From the polishes that take 100 coats to finally get the coverage you want, the ones who say they dry in 60 seconds but it takes way longer or my personal favorite, the CHIP RESISTANT ones who chip in a day; I can safely say IM OVER IT. I learned over the years which brands are YAYs and which are NAYS and this one is a YAY. UNE Natural Beauty has launched its first ever polish in 8 different shades + one top coat. What I love the most about this brand is the color choices which are all earth tones so brown, blue, green etc. Also, it doesn’t make any fancy claims like chip resistant or fast-dry but their polish lasted around 5 days on me without any chips and it dried in around a minute or less. I know 5 days may not sound like a lot to some of you, but my polish usually chips in 2 days maximum because I’m always biting, opening boxes etc. I’m so in love with this nailpolish, you guys need to get on board and go buy them (Vavavoom and Beauty Bay has UNE products).
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