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Check out this amazing set from the new Swarovski Fall Winter 2013/2014 collection. Loving the colors, and the best part is that the earrings are super light.

For Fall/Winter 2013/14, Nathalie Colin has designed a collection named “Secret Treasures,” reminiscent of a journey. Inspired by the Silk Road, this collection is built around four legendary locations, each of which holds treasures of tradition and beauty. From China to the Himalayas and from India to Venice, “Secret Treasures” revisits emblematic elements with a skillful blend of modernity and sophistication. “As I was strongly influenced by my travels to Asia, China, the Himalayas, and India, I have a special connection with the inspiration of this collection. True admirer of the orientalist, explorer, writer, and adventurer, Alexandra David Neel, I imagined such a journey across continents and mountains transposed in today’s times,” explained Creative Director Nathalie Colin. Swarovski demonstrates its mastery in jewelry techniques and crystal cutting. Settings, Pointiage®, pavé work, beading and embroideries are enhanced with exclusive cut crystal stones, Crystal Mesh, and Crystal Rock that give crystal a fascinating radiance, revealing a perfect mix of heritage and innovation.

You can go to any store in the region and buy these great accessories for AED 645 each.
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