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I recently got this new range from L’Occitane for hair care and my heart skipped a beat! Loving this new amazing collection from them (but then again, they never seem to disappoint me). Unfortunately, I have oily hair so I had to get my favorite guinea pig, my mom do the review on my behalf.

What I can say without a doubt is that it smells amazing. It smells so fresh that I would probably use is as body spray if I could for daytime.
The collection consists of 5 products:

1. Repairing hair mask with a rich, silky texture to help repair, strengthen and protect dry and damaged hair
2. Repairing shampoo that is silicone-free to help repair, strengthen and protect dry and damaged hair
3. Repairing oil to help nourish your hair. This product can be used before shampooing to nourish and soften your hair, before blow-drying to detangle and protect your hair from heat or on dry hair to soften and tame flyaways and protect you from sun damage
4. Repairing Smoothing Gloss with 5 essential oils and strawberry AHA to anti-frizz your hair and smoothen it. It also protects hair fibers from heat damage leaving your hair light, sleek and manageable for a long lasting finish
5. Repairing conditioner with anti-breakage complet with 5 essential oils and plant-derived amino acids, helping repair hair fibers for strong and shiny hair

Basially, if you have dry and damaged hair and you want to do something about it, this is the stuff for you. So ladies, NO MORE EXCUSES!!