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I thought I would finally write a post about Kcal Healthy Fast Food as I am finishing up my second month and I was so happy with the experience. What I did was one month in May and then stopped it until August to see if I would gain the weight back or not. I hate these silly diets where you starve yourself just to gain it all back once it’s done! Launched in 2010, Kcal Healthy Fast Food is a great way to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle in a healthy, well balanced way. The way is happens is that you get a blood test (not mandatory) and then meet with a nutritionist. According to your results, she will create a plan for you (keeping in mind your cholesterol levels). The best part about Kcal is that you can put all your dislikes, and they will be removed from your food. Honestly, I’m a very picky eater and that’s why I never went for Right Bite or Health Factory. Once you begin your Kcal Extra plan, a lunchbox will be delivered wherever you want every morning with your breakfast, 2 snacks, a lunch and a dinner. If you don’t like the nutritionists’ recommendation, you can substitute the menu as you wish. My favorite meals from Kcal Extra are:

Breakfast – Granola, Yoghurt & Strawberry/Kiwi
Lunch – Beef Burrito, Chicken Salad and Chicken Sandwich
Dinner – Pesto Chicken, Red Beef Curry and Pasta-Free Lasagna
If you don’t want to lose weight but want to maintain and hassle-free and healthy lifestyle, you can go for the wellness plan (best part is you get even more food options). For those of you men who are gym-buffs, you can go for the athlete’s plan. If you’re not into the whole meal plan lifestyle, you can order and have Kcal delivered to your office or home.

KCal is in : JLT, Tecom, Business Bay, Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Delivery Number : 04 447 3844

Happy Eating!!