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This morning I had the privilege to go to N Style Nail Lounge in The Dubai Mall to meet the fantastic celebrity skincare guru and award winning, Deborah Mitchell, founder of Heaven Skincare. Before I tell you about my experience, I just want to tell you a bit about myself that I probably haven’t mentioned before – I am a do it yourself girl. I think last time I had a manicure was 5 years ago and it’s just because my friend dragged me, I only go to hair salons to cut my hair, I never get my makeup done and I’ve probably had 5 facials MAX in my whole life. Now that you know this, it’s fair to say that I’m not a huge fan of these places. One of the reasons why I don’t get facials often is that I always feel great when it’s being done (who doesn’t like a long overdue face massage?) but the second its over I always feel oily and horrible.

(Check out how cute this little therapy room is, you would never think you’re in N Style at the Dubai Mall)
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Deborah Mitchell is not your everyday woman, she has this crazy energy that even though it we 9 AM, she put me in the best mood (I don’t do morning and definitely not without my large Starbucks cup). She is one of the most charismatic women I have ever met and the second she touched my face, I felt so peaceful and just knew straight away I was in great hands. She started off by feeling my energy and pointing out some things about myself that she felt and that I should work on changing as it affects my skin (such as sleep deprivation). Once she started with the facial, all the products seemed so light on my face which was the best part because I felt like the quality of each and every product was great and they all smelled lovely which is kind of rare for skincare let’s be honest.
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Deborah’s signature product The Bee Venom Mask has developed a firm worldwide following including Kate Middleton, Dany Minogue, Victoria Beckham and many more. The Bee Venom is a revolutionary cream that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst targeting frown lines and wrinkles. Using the product can provide a facial with a difference, completely natural, non-evasive and with real results.
Treatments such as the famous ‘The Bee Venom Mask’ and the ‘Angel Face Lift’ amongst a number of other treatments are now available across all NStyle Nail Lounge stores.
The search is over, this is it ladies. if you want to try it out before buying I suggest you go for a treatment at N Style and ask for these specific products from Heaven. The staff has been trained by Deborah herself.

Check out this before after transformation (forgive the whole no makeup thing please).