Beauty has never tasted so good is the OCOO beauty drink tag line which I thought was quite a bold claim so I wanted to try it out for myself . I had tried it once before casually but hadn’t really gone into much detail so I though why not find out what this drink is really about. What caught my eye at first was the billboard and lamp post ads on Sheikh Zayed and I kept asking myself; how can I drink possibly make me beautiful; a magic potion perhaps?

Well it’s not that simple. Basically this drink has a bunch of ingredients that are great for the health and skin such as antioxidants and flavonoids like pomegranate which is filled with vitamins B, C, E and various minerals. To add to the benefits, it’s has Acai, cranberries, black currant, red grapes and aronia.

With these great ingredients come benefits such as anti aging ,collagen production and good for the hair. Low in calories and great for my skin; I’m sold!!

Regarding taste, I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing Iv had but when drunk chilled, it’s quite nice. The cranberry taste is really strong which I love and if there was one thing I didn’t love about the taste, it would be the taste of sweetener. The bottle is so beautiful and the festive box is so cute , I was personally sold straight away.