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Honey and Royal Jelly are beneficial treasures known since Antiquity. Their cosmetic applications
would have remained limited if Guerlain had not established a genuine integrated scientific network dedicated to bee products. Since it was founded, Guerlain has been interested in the cosmetic properties of honey. In the 1850s, one of its first beauty products, la Pâte d’Amande au Miel (Almond Paste with Honey) was already a favourite with elegant ladies. However, it was the research carried out by Professor Bernard Descottes’ team at Limoges teaching hospital on its benefits for healing wounds that would encourage Guerlain Research to take an interest in its action on repairing the skin’s micro-tears responsible for wrinkles and loss of firmness.
Bottom line, AFTER 2 MONTHS, THE COMPLEXION IS BEAUTIFULLY ENHANCED: +40 %. I just tried the product now and honestly I’m really liking what I see at the moment because the texture is so wonderfully light and it smells so nice. I have tried a lot of their abeille royale collection in the past and am sure a huge fan so have no doubt that this product will deliver amazing results.