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I’ve received some Shiseido products and am super excited to share this with you guys! For over 100 years, Shiseido has been the premier creator of the most scientifically advanced beauty solutions in Japan.
Shiseido Future Solutions LX - complete range
Superior Radiance Serum – Today after 10 years research, Shiseido brings you FUTURE SOLUTION LX Superior Radiance Serum, for virtually flawless skin with the radiance of Japanese Hanadama pearls. The result? Your most unified, pearl-like radiant complexion ever. A youthful-looking glow with appearance of pores and wrinkles reduced.
Total Regenerating Body Cream – Caring for your body on a daily basis is the best guarantee to keeping your skin as beautiful as possible, for as long as possible. FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total Regenerating Body Cream, with Uji Green Tea extract, Super Yeast extract and Star Fruit, fundamentally improves skin water metabolism and quality deep down for long-lasting results. The result? Firm, fine-textured skin that glows with youthful radiance.
Total Protective Emulsion SPF 15 – In today’s busy world our skin too often loses its natural vibrancy to environmental factors. Multi-action FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total Protective Emulsion SPF 15, protects against environmental stressors and fundamentally improves skin quality from within to create resistant skin. The result? Appearance of wrinkles, sagging, visible pores and dullness reduced for resilient, radiant skin.