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Posting live from Siddharta at the Grosvernor House Hotel Dubai for the launch of the new Human+Kind BB cream. After meeting the founders who flew in from Ireland and having a great breakfast, I finally got my claws on the cream and just couldn’t wait to post about it! First thing is, it’s a 5 in 1 BB cream that 1/ evens out your skin tone, 2/ conceals imperfections 3/ gives you long lasting hydration 4/ lifts your skin and helps with wrinkles and finally 5/ naturally protects against environmental damage.

After having tried it for myself I would say that it really does cover imperfections very well and is quite a good hydrator – definitely a must-buy but if I had to say one negative thing it would be the smell . It doesn’t smell bad but it doesn’t smell exceptionally good either. Go grab one for yourselves at Boots for AED 120.