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Last month I went to The Nail Spa in Ibn Battuta Mall which was absolutely lovely to try one of their new services, the Lets Go Lashes treatment. I was a bit worried at first because I’ve heard negative feedback regarding these kind of eye treatments where it really damages the lashes but I thought I would check it out and judge for myself.

First of all, I’ve said it before that I don’t get manicures and pedicures so I wasn’t familiar with the salon but really liked it there. The staff was extremely sweet which is really important to me and it was a really relaxing experience. In terms of the actual treatment, I walked in really nervous because I hate people touching my eyes (I can’t even put lenses on) but surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all and I barely felt a thing. The whole process took around half an hour and they give you lash options to pick from a natural look to a glam diva look! A chose the natural glam which is a hybrid of diva and natural and it really looked great.

I would really recommend this treatment for special occasions like valentines day, a wedding, a special date with your man or any other type of activity where you want to dress to impress. If I had anything to point out it would be that since I sleep on my right side, my left eye lost the lashes faster than the other which looked a bit weird and also it was completely gone after 1 week instead of 2. Like I said, if you want it for the long run it may not be the best option but for a special occasion, it’s perfect.

A definite must-try!