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I have a shameless crush on all things l’Occitane, maybe its because i’m French? In my eyes, l’Occitane can do no wrong. I have posted about them before a couple of times (here, here, here, here, here oh and here) – catch my drift?

This time I had the chance to review the Amande (almond) collection and I really fell in love! First was the l’Occitane Amande firming & smoothing milk concentrate. When it comes to testing these ‘firming’ ‘anti-cellulite’ type products, it’s not like I’m saying IT WILL REMOVE CELLULITE because that would be a magic potion but this products a) smells amazing, b) has beautiful packaging c) made my skin super soft d) made my skin look smoother. Really 10/10 on this one.
photo 4
The second product I tested is the l’Occitane firming & beautifying supple skin oil. For me, oils are always hard to review because my skin is oily and the mere sight of any oil based products makes my skin oil up even more!! To be fair, this is a great product for the summer and it smells AMAZING (yes, smells are important to me). For oily-skinned girls like me, I would recommend putting some on your legs before going out, it will give you a supple shine and will keep you hydrated. What I liked about this product a lot is that even though its not a ‘dry’ oil, it didn’t make my skin look oily and it felt soft straight after putting it – I love that!
photo 2
The third product is the L’Occitane Amande Cellulite Control Beautiful Shape. OK – this one was tricky because even though it smelled really nice, it didn’t smell like almond which threw me off (more of a minty almond) but kind of normal because its an anti-cellulite I guess. The texture isn’t the best because it’s kind of sticky and I hate feeling ikky but I always get this feeling that the sticky weird ones are always the most effective – so only time will tell!! From what I can see on the box though, a study was made with 50 women and 94% of them said that their skin was more toned immediately, 88% of them claimed to have smoother skin immediately and 76% of them said that there was a clear decrease of cellulite after 14 days of using the product.
photo 3
Last but definitely not least, the famous little hand & nail tubes in Roses et Reines which I absolutely loved! This is the perfect bag must-have accessory a-n-d is smells GREEEEAT! 🙂
photo 5