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I just tested the new Sephora Gradual self-tanning body lotion + face water and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts. Since summer is just around the corner, I’ve been super excited to try all the fun tanning products possible!

What first caught my eye was the Sephora Gradual self-tanning body lotion because its something you can just put on everyday as a moisturizer and go out straight away without looking all streaky and orange. Thanks to hydroSenn+, it also keeps you super moisturized. The immediate effect give you a very subtle tan with tiny golden pigments. It also smells quite nice so all in all, a great tolerable self-tanner you can put in the morning before going to work without worrying about all the common self-tanner annoying habits.
photo 2
The second product caught my eye because its a ‘face water’ so my first reaction was HUH? I think its quite cool actually, you put some of the water on a cotton and tab it around your face. The result is clean and gives you a great glow. I wouldn’t recommend using that before going out though because I felt a bit yucky after so just wash it off after a couple of hours and VOILA, tanned!!!!!
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