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Carolina Herrera always has great perfumes and this one is no exception. The new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose perfume is just great. This new fragrance is fresh, feminine and sensual and is made up of three accords:
CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ ACCORD: Champagne rosé takes pride of place among the top notes. Like a giggle, pink bubbles announce the festive, carefree tone of the fragrance. Fresh and very fruity.
PEACH FLOWER ACCORD: At the heart of 212 VIP ROSÉ we find peach blossom. These flowers, with their velvety fruit, add delicacy and tenderness to the fragrance. The perfect embodiment of femininity.
QUEEN WOOD ACCORD: Finally, and as the key base note, we have Queen Wood. Queen Wood is an addictive, elegant but subtle woody chord that provides the fragrance with a large dose of sensuality.
A great buy – durability is great too!