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BRAZIL BRAZIL BRAZIL! As the Fifa World Cup is approaching, everyone’s getting their Brazil on and beauty products are no different. I recently received the new Colours of Brazil collection from Clarins and thought I’d try it out and share my thoughts. My all-time favorite product is of course the Summer Bronzing Compact powder. Has an amazing mattifying effect and has different shades of bronze, giving you the ability to adapt depending on the shade of your skin – also looks and smells amazing!!
photo 2
My second favorite product is the Shimmering Oil – a definite must have for the summer. I love putting a bit of shimmering oil on my arms and legs during the summer to add a bit of sparkle to my tan. The oil is subtle with a bit of shine, truly a great buy.
photo 4
Though I’m not a wearer of eyeshadow, I really liked the Colours of Brazil Eye Quartet & Liner Palette. I liked the mix of colors, giving you a Brazilian touch without looking tacky. The pigmentation was pretty good, not the best but good (remember to put primer first to help it stick) – otherwise, a great creamy base.
photo 3
Last but definitely not least, the Lip Balm Crayon (03 Tender Coral). The color of fabulous (recommended but you tanned ladies), durability is decent, the feel on the lip is great and not stick and finally, it smells amazing! I know a lot of people don’t care about the smell of products, but if I’m going to paste something on my face, it needs to smell good!
photo 1