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Today I went to Ricci Capricci salon to try something different. I love putting a bun in my hair because it’s fun and casual but I wanted to add a twist to it and show you guys how it’s done. The lovely people at Ricci Capricci took it upon themselves to show me some easy steps on how to make it happen and I thought I would share them with you so you can do it yourself at home.
Step1: separate you hair

Step2: take the bottom partition of your hair and do a French braid. TIP: put your head forward to do it if you’re doing it yourself, it’s much easier that way and you have more control. Once done, tie it with an elastic band.

Step3: take all your hair including the braid and close it with a pony tail.

Step4: Grab the pony tail and twist it around to make a bun. If you want a fuller bun, close it with pins but for something tighter you can just make a normal bun with a hair tie. I prefer a looser more casual bun with pins.

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