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Just tested Natalie’s beauty salon (cluster V, JLT) and thought it was worth a post. So after a long weekend at the beach my nails barely survived and I had to go for an urgent mani pedi before work and came across this place thinking hey why not. Well here’s why not, forget a friendly hello, forget the standard “would you like something to drink” and all those other crazy norms . The place was so uncomfortable with the 2 (I think) salon owners laughing out loud and arguing ever second, disturbing the what I had hoped to be pleasant experience while cleaning and wiping the floors (yes because that’s what you do when you have customers) The silver lining though was the adorable Madelyn who at more than one occasion shushed them, yes, shushed them and did a fabulous job on my nails. If you are to ever go there, which I recommend you don’t, she’s definitely your girl!