About us

Dubai – Paris – London

Bringing a little bit of Europe to the Middle East and a little bit of Arabia to the West, this blog aims to bridge the gap between the two continents, through an exploration of fashion, beauty, culture, music and travel.

Created by two European girls currently living in the UAE, we scour the globe to give our readers a unique view of the world around us.

Drop us a line at: lacedinleatherpr@gmail.com

We are interested to hear from local or international designers, artists, musicians, PRs, promoters and anyone with an interesting project or opinion. As long as you have something unique, we’re keen.

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  2. I wonder how many bags she will sell with her endorsement?

  3. Hello there! Thanks for following my little blog! Anyway, may I suggest to you that you feature Kermit Tesoro, one of the leading designers in the Philippines who’s making waves in London also (he collabed with one of the designers last LFW.)

    • Hello! You are most welcome – liking your blog :)! I would love to feature any designer that I find intersting. I’ll check Kermit Tesoro out and let you know ! Love, Lacedinleather

  4. Thanks Again! Will keep up new finds and keep posted:)

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  46. “Bringing a little bit of Europe to the Middle East and a little bit of Arabia to the West, this blog aims to bridge the gap between the two continents, through an exploration of fashion, beauty, culture, music and travel.”
    What a positive goal and beautiful aspiration! I am all for learning, unity, and the coming together of other cultures….Best of wishes to you both in all you do and I wish you the greatest of success.
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  57. What a fantastic premise for a blog! It’s about time we start thinking like a real global village, especially when it comes to fashion and ideas. Your posts feature truly universal images of beauty, style, and the world around us. From Kim K’s blue maxi skirt to Bridget Bardot’s eyeliner, you both have a real eye for what’s border crossing and timeless. Bringing the world together isn’t all about politics, it’s about girls like you collecting like-minded people who share a vision for a beautiful, celebratory future.

    Thank you so much for including this gal in your explorations!

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  82. manaralhinai said:

    Hi dear!

    Hope all is well. You posted my picture in one of your blog posts : http://lacedinleather.com/tag/manar-al-hinai/ . I really appreciate your coverage, but my picture is the first one and I would like to be pulled down please ASAP

    Thank you. I’d highly appreciate your swift cooperation on this matter


  83. Hi Hun

    it’s the first image here http://lacedinleather.com/tag/manar-al-hinai/

    thank you

  84. manaralhinai said:

    Hi Hun

    It’s this one http://lacedinleather.com/tag/manar-al-hinai/ – the first pic

    thank you

    • Ok caught it. I’m out now but will delete it tonight once I get home. Just FYI , this shot was in the post event debrief sent to all media so I wouldn’t be surprised if more pictures of you were out there. Xxx

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